Monday, June 13, 2016

Congratulations to all the winners of Spring 2016 Semester!

State Rally 6/4/2016 Winners: Gabi Cuadra 2nd of Level B Ethan Guo 2nd of Level I June Moon 1st of Level I Alison Qi 3rd of Level II Honorable Mentions: Kathy Hu Level B Camila Cuadra Level I Isabella Yan Level I Hugo Widjaja Level I Tristan Lin Level II Baton Rouge District Rally 4/23/2016 and 4/30/2016 winners: Winners of the Performance Area: Prep A: Megan Guo(2nd). Brandon Yan(3rd). Abigil Qi(Honorable Mention) Prep B: Stanley Lin(1st). Gabi Cuadra(3nd). Kathy Hu(Honorable Mention). Sarah Liu(Honorable Mention). Alex Buriege(Honorable Mention). Level I: Camila Cuadra(1st). June Moon(2nd). Isabella Yan (2nd). Hugo Widjaja (3rd). Ethan Guo(Honorable Mention). Level II: Alison Qi(1st). Tristan Lin(2nd). Level III: Allen Wang(1st) Level IV: Mark Chasuk(2nd) Outstanding Achievements of 2016 Rally Baton Rouge District: Prep A: Megan Guo, Brandon Yan, Prep B: Alex Buriege, Gabi Cuadra, Kathy Hu, level I: Camila Cuadra, Ethan Guo, June Moon, Isabella Yan, Devyani Vij, Level II: Monica Chasuk, Tristan Lin, Alison Qi. 2016 Allen-Fleming Audition: Level IV: Catherine Ledoux(1st). LFMC State Junior Convention winner: Pinao Solo: Level Medium Class: Gabi Cuadra(1st). Moderately Difficult Class 1: Hugo Widjaja(1st). Level Moderately Difficult 2: Camila Cuadra(1st). Piano Duet: Level Difficult 1: Camila Cuadra and Ethan Guo(1st). Level Very Difficult 1: Monica Chasuk and Alison Qi(1st). Level Moderately Difficult 2: Gabi Cuadra and Widjaja(Honorable Mention). Debose National Piano Competition 2016: Piano Solo: 1st Grade: Abigil Qi(2nd). 2nd Grade: Megan Guo(1st). 3rd Grade: Stanley Lin(1st). 4th Grade: Gabi Cuadra(2nd). Kathy Hu(3rd). 5th Grade: Ethan Guo(3rd). June Moon(1st). Hugo Widjaja(3rd). 6th Grade: Isabella Yan(3rd). 7th Grade: Efe Meraler(3rd). 8th Grade: Tristan Lin(2nd). Monica Chasuk(3rd). Alison Qi(3rd). 9th Grade: Faith Loh(1st). 11th Grade: David Tran(2nd). Piano Duet: 1st Grade to 5th Grade: Gabi Cuadra and Kathy Hu(3rd). Ethan Guo and Widjaja(3rd). 6th Grade to 8th Grade: Camila Cuadra and Tristan Lin(2nd). 9th Grade to 12th Grade: Monica Chasuk and Alison Qi(2nd). Mark Chasuk and Catherine Ledoux(2nd).